imagecharcharberry replied to your post: I heard he was dating dita Von teese last summer,…

Yeah, I always wonder how many of nicks friends in his hipster crew he has slept with…though they all seem to tease him about having a thing for young stupid models lol

Lol yeah.. and honestly this looks like Theo’s bone structure to me:


imagethelegohouselove replied to your postWow I’m obsessed now… they look good together (omg…

Theo dated Dita von Teese… It was a very big story in Uk back then… But he sure hangs out a lot with Nick lately… He was also in Puerto Rico.

So he’s not dating her now? And yeah I just did a google search and there’s so many photos of them together!

STOP IT, HE WAS NOT!! OMG. Why am I so obsessed with this?? Lol I guess I just never really imagined Grimmy with a secret lover haha :)

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  1. minhnewt said: He doesn’t seem like the type to want to keep it secret but you just never know. Haha
  2. legohousedea said: Oh and he was in PR. ;)
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