louis&harry || the star jump

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evebarlow: Rechtshaid vs Styles - (Coachella Weekend 2 Day 2)

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Looks like everyone’s been getting their tag lists set up for the tour.

Here is mine (x)

Hope it’s helpful!

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Anonymous inquired:

can you see Louis' braces everyone is talking about from the snooker pics? I can't see it! I think it's the lightening or a shadow! and the pics are so bad you can't see anything! dunno what's going on today lol


NO THERE ARE NO BRACES. people are ridiculous. It’s a stain or discoloration that people pointed out as early as March 25 judging by my old posts on it. It goes across the bottoms of all his teeth. It actually looks like his enamel is thinner at the bottom, giving the appearance of being darker than the tops. You can sort of see the start of it here:

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Harry apparently watched Pharrell’s set at Coachella last night (04/19/14)

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Holy fuck this tour starts in five days.


Zayn and Louis for the MM vinyl

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Niall and Harry for the MM vinyl


it’s that time of the year again let’s all remember the beautiful miami boat day

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4:20pm on the 20th of April

i didn’t even notice the time too!! lmao

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omg he tweeted that at 4:20 too i didn’t even notice lmao

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